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Voice Recognition software: a view

I was at a meeting yesterday with the parents of a 9 year old boy whose dyspraxia and dyslexia are so severe that he has immense difficulty expressing himself on paper or with a computer. He benefits from using mind mapping software to help planning and organisation and, while using a digital voice recorder quite efficiently, prefers to have a person to help him to order his thoughts and scribe his responses. He is exceptionally thoughtful, has a wide general knowledge and interest in many things and a very highly developed sense of his own strengths and difficulties.

In a personal project about dyslexia and dyspraxia he declares that

even if I could get the dyslexic and dyspraxic bits out of my DNA I wouldn’t as it makes me creative and who I am. I have learned lots of coping strategies aand have been given lots of help to get around the things I find tricky… I might invent something amazing when I’m older because I have great ideas.

His parents showed us the above video made by a 16 year old, Rhodri Buttrick, explaining how voice recognition software has enabled him to study. His story really seems extraordinary and it may be that this support will work for this particular pupil with his specific range of challenges and abilities and supports from home too.

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