Dyslexia Awareness Week: Dispelling Myths 3 + 4

Myth 3: Intelligence and ability to read are related. So if someone doesn’t read well, they can’t be very bright. Equally, very able children cannot be dyslexic.

Fact: Dyslexia is not related to intelligence. Many people with dyslexia are very able and accomplish amazing things as adults. Follow the link http://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/about-dyslexia/famous-dyslexics.html to read more about famous people who are learners with dyslexia.

Myth 4: People with dyslexia cannot read.

Fact: Most people with dyslexia can read — up to a point. But they will “hit the wall” in reading development at some point. It is not necessarily the decoding or recognition of unfamiliar words that causes the most difficulties once early skills are acquired, but reading rate.

It is spelling that separates learners with dyslexia from those who struggle with reading for some other reason.

If the child works hard at studying the spelling list using multisensory techniques, s/he may be able to learn the list long enough to do “okay” on Friday’s test. But, they have more problems retaining those spelling words from one week to the next and transferring them to free writing. The overload on memory and processing ability is often just too much for them to do everything at once.

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