Referring a pupil for ICT support

Please note that the old Microtechnology referral form is outdated and was replaced in May 2010 with the ICT Referral Form.  You will find it saved on Education Exchange (Support for Learners / Referral Forms) or you can access it through this link.   Old forms can no longer be accepted and will be returned.

Accurate information supplied on the new form results in a quicker turnaround for the whole review, assessment  and decision process to be carried out.

ICT Referral Form

4 thoughts on “Referring a pupil for ICT support

  1. Good to be reminded of this.
    As I’m here (if anyone’s reading this!) the old DSS form is obsolete too. All referrals to the Dyslexia Support Service must be on the universal Children’s Services form. And please, please don’t just say ‘he cannae read’! Use the Toolkit in Inclusive Practices (in Education Exchange too) as guidance for the sort of evidence I need.

  2. Thanks for info:)
    Morna and I both thought your wordles looked great for Dyslexia week

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