CPD about dyslexia and inclusion

Several Support for Learning teachers comleted the course Hidden Dyslexia this year and most found it very helpful. The providers, CPDBytes, is now offering a 70% Discount on all its courses if you register before 15th December.

For example
    * Hidden Dyslexia, normally £100 now only £30
    * Inclusion: Introduction for Teachers reduced from £150 to only £45
    * Inclusion courses for Teaching/Learning Assistants reduced from £100 to only £30
    * Barriers to Learning usually £50 now only £15
    * Disability and Dyslexia Awareness for Post 16 Educators reduced from £100 to only £30

How it works;

1. Browse all of our courses on our website http://cpdbytes.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=79b9667153aaee41587daf08f&id=d01c72eec0&e=4f83e55fee
2. Choose the course or courses you want to do.
3. Reserve your course by clicking register now and entering your details.
4. The offer is open only until 15 December 2010 at 12 noon!
5. After that date we will invoice you for your selected course(s) – with your discount applied.
6. Once the payment is completed you will receive an enrollment key by e-mail within 5 days.

7. You will have up to 6 months to complete your course.

Please e-mail alasdair@cpdbytes.com if you have any queries.

2 thoughts on “CPD about dyslexia and inclusion

  1. Hi Hilery

    only an hour or so to go! Who would be invoiced – can it be individuals or schools? What about your own ELC dyslexia course?

  2. Morna
    Individuals or groups have successfully studied the course.
    It has a different perspective from my online course, although naturally there are many overlaps.
    This course focuses on hidden dysleixa – how dyslexia may be masked conscioulsy by children and young people and how other factors contibute to difficulties in identifying it.
    It may be more useful for secondary subject staff.
    Hope this helps.

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