Just Support For Learning?

December’s Children in Scotland magazine contains an article I have written about this being a good time to consider if current support for learning practices are actually achieving what we want them to. You can read the article here Just Support For Learning.  I would be interested to learn your thoughts on the issues it raises.

 The  December Children in Scotland   magazine has a focus on protecting children’s services in tough times. (There may be a small charge to access the whole magazine – but you can read my article for free).

Liz Herd

3 thoughts on “Just Support For Learning?

  1. An interesting article Liz. I have just completed a CT module at Stirling looking at inclusion, and your article mirrored a lot of our discussions.
    I think you hit one nail on the head when you talk about class teacher’s not feeling able to include children with additional support needs. I also wondered where your research stands on children with very specific difficulties. I work in a provision for children with speech and language difficulties, and I see their need for very specific intervention, but I also see the dilema of removing them from class to provide this.

  2. So many vitally important points here Liz – thanks for posting your article and stimulating discussion.

    Will the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence result in a gradual shift to changing teaching practices that accommodate the pupils with additional support needs? This would avoid the need for them to be removed from the classroom and would diminish the impact to their self perception.

  3. I do hope so Shirley. It should make it possible, but would also require an investment in CPD and support for teachers to enable it to happen but from the little bit of research I have done, and the work of others, there is evidence that many of them are up for the challenge and keen to engage with it.

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