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Happy New Year to all!

Another year starts and information overload will continue.  We need to find a way to access the valuable stuff and share it with all interested parties.  Is it going to be this blog or on Glow?  Or both? 

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Obviously you can’t subscribe to the email feed if you don’t get this far and are reading this post so please pass on the information to anyone who is involved with pupils with additional needs. Thanks!

1 thought on “Sharing news and ideas

  1. And where does Education Exchange fit in? It’s all very confusing. I think we need a one-stop-shop.
    My preference would be to use Glow ultimately, at least for discussions between SfL staff, storage of relevant documents that can be easily up-dated and communication with other professionals across Scotland.
    I’m certainly planning to delete my obsolete and never publicised DSS Glow Group and transfer information to the ELC ASN Glow Group.
    When I have a moment!
    It’s a discussion we need to have.

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