Inclusive Technologies Information Days

Inclusive Technologies are offering 2 FREE Information Days in Edinburgh on August 23 and 24. These would be useful for teachers, therapists and support assistants working directly with learners experiencing severe and complex special educational needs.  I am planning to attend both days but ideally would like some front line practioners to join me.

August 23: PMLD/Communication
This day focuses on best practice in the use of ICT to support the communication, learning and leisure needs of children and young people with severe and complex special needs. Delivered by an experienced special school teacher and our specialist speech and language therapist, the session will explore how the use of ICT facilitates meaningful and motivating access to the curriculum. The will explore commonly used assistive technologies, for example switches and touch screens together with a range of simple communication devices, and show you how to embed their use into your classroom teaching.

From experiential learning to making simple choices, they will  provide you with the ideas, strategies and confidence to try in your classroom the very next day.

•Strategies to engage experiential learners.
•Choosing an appropriate vocabulary.
•Making something happen – taking control.
•Independently making simple choices.
•Simple communicators and how to use them in your teaching.
•Creating motivating teaching resources in minutes.

August 24: Inclusive Classrooms

This day focuses on using ICT to support students with special needs in mainstream settings. This includes looking at providing access to the computer for those pupils who struggle with the keyboard and mouse:

•Simple adaptations to the keyboard and mouse.
•Accessibility changes to the operating system and applications.
•Alternatives to keyboards and mice – large keyboards to eye gaze.
•Software to improve access: word prediction and speech recognition.

They will also explore how ICT can support those struggling with reading and writing, including those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Drawing on their experiences in the Accessible Resources Pilot Project for the DCSF they will look at the range of options to take struggling readers and writers from their initial ideas to a completed document including using:

•Light tech aids like electronic dictionaries.
•Planning and mind mapping software.
•Text to speech, wordbanks and word prediction.
•Portable book readers like Kindle, iPad and Slate.
•Reading electronic books on the computer.
•How to obtain electronic books for free.
•Creating accessible electronic versions and copyright issues.
Can I attend both Information Days?

Yes, you can attend one or both types of Information Day at no cost. Lunch is also provided – but booking is essential.  Get your booking form here and let me know you have signed up. Thanks!

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