Autism Film Club – free viewings

To celebrate World Autism Awareness Month in April, Ambitious about Autism is bringing some of the best and most recent films about autism straight to your computer screen.   The programme will feature four online film screenings on our website during April 2012.  Click here to get the Autism Film club password  to see the films.

The two remaining films to be shown are:

Animating Autism

USA / 2011 / colour / not rated / 63 mins:  Streaming  on Wednesday 18 April 2012  

Animating Autism is a feature length documentary on autism that follows seven individuals on the spectrum as they collaborate to create a short animated film. The documentary follows them as they learn how to turn their sketches into movies and form lasting friendships.

Loving Lamposts

USA / 2011 / colour / not rated / 84 mins:  Streaming on our website on Wednesday 25 April 2012

LampostIn Loving Lampposts, we witness this debate and meet the parents, doctors, therapists, and autistic people who are redefining autism at a moment when it’s better known than ever before. Motivated by his son’s diagnosis, filmmaker Todd Drezner explores the changing world of autism and learns the truth of the saying, “if you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person.”

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