W i d e r s p a c i n g can help dyslexic pupils

Spreading the letters of words a bit farther apart helps dyslexic kids read more quickly and make fewer mistakes as they read, a new study shows.   ( Read the full report here )

While the strategy isn’t a cure for dyslexia, which causes the brain to process information differently, researchers say it may help some children with the condition to read more easily, a key to helping them become better readers and learners overall.

Therapists agree that one of the best long-term remedies for the reading difficulties of dyslexia is practice. But because reading is so frustrating for these children, practice is often a tough sell.

“The consequence is that children with dyslexia read very, very little. We give the comparison that a child with dyslexia reads in a year what a normal reader reads in two days,” says researcher Johannes C. Ziegler, PhD, director of research in the cognitive psychology laboratory at Aix-Marseille University in Marseille, France.

East Lothian teachers can access more information and useful resources to support pupils with dyslexia  at the Additional Support Needs Info Hub. (http://asnhub.www.edubuzz.org  –  Google Apps log in required).