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  1. My son Jos, age 5, has just been diagnosed as having bad Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. He is at School at Hornsby House in South London. We were wondering is you could help him in any way. He is very behind the rest of the class and it is making him unhappy.

  2. Hi Jane
    Good to hear from you.
    Unfortunately, it’s hard to do or say anything from such a distance. The system in England is completely different from in Scotland so I can’t advise on how best to take forward concerns you have about Jos’ schooling.
    It’s great that his difficulties have been identified so early. I guess that will make appropriate provision for him smoother than for some children.
    My advice is to make sure Jos has as much fun and success out of school as he can. Find some things that he loves to do and give that priority at weekends. And take him swimming – that often helps children with these learning differences.

    Good luck

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