Resource for supporting EAL students

I frequently find super tools at the blog of a teacher in Edinburgh who maintains a very interesting blog full of links to great online resources.

Here is a resource she has found invaluable for helping a family whose first language is not English.

Check it out – and if you like it make a comment on her blog to say so. It’s so encouraging to those of us who blog to see that others are interested in what we have to say.

Dyslexia Awareness Week


Next week is Dyslexia Awareness Week. Above is my rolling presentation that some schools use in assemblies or the foyer of the school. You are welcome to borrow it. Let me know if it’s useful.

Here the BDA has ideas and a couple of PowerPoint presentations (purporting to be created by students) that might be of use.

See full size image

Learndirect is offering every household a FREE book to help parents and children children have an enjoyable reading experience during Dyslexia Awareness Week.

They claim that the book is a great way to practice reading skills with your young ones because it makes reading and problem solving a fun time – and because you all read together everyone benefits.

Waterstones is involved and has a ‘Guide to Books for Young Dyslexic Readers’.

TES has 5 articles about Dyslexia that may be of interest.

Learning and Thinking offers ideas for a secondary assembly.

Dyslexia Action has an online lecture on 3rd November from 19:0020:00 where Glenys Heap, Senior Training Principal, Dyslexia Action, will present an overview of the factors related to Dyslexia. The ‘webinar’ will be of interest to parents, teachers and employers as well as individuals who are, or think they might be, dyslexic.

Please make contact if you want any advice from me as to how you can publicise the week. Perhaps I’ll be more organised next year and give a little more notice!