Sharing news and ideas

Happy New Year to all!

Another year starts and information overload will continue.  We need to find a way to access the valuable stuff and share it with all interested parties.  Is it going to be this blog or on Glow?  Or both? 

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Obviously you can’t subscribe to the email feed if you don’t get this far and are reading this post so please pass on the information to anyone who is involved with pupils with additional needs. Thanks!

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Rick Riordan, author of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Live webcast through GLOW.

Tuesday 2nd November 2.00-2.45pm

Join author Rick Riordan – creator of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – as he brings the gods of Ancient Greece and Egypt explosively to life.

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The Lightning Thief is a 2005 fantasy adventure novel based on Greek mythology.  I have not read it nor seen the film but have gathered that the main character is a learner with dyslexia. The author Rick Riordan is an English teacher whose son has dyslexic difficulties.

Making Websites Talk

Browsealoud is easy to download and could be a great boon for learners with difficulties reading online.

LTS is currently looking at how the accessibility of Glow can be improved, and a text-to-speech facility could be extremely useful. They are asking us to help to trial Browsealoud 6 within Glow. It will be ‘speech- enabled’ until the end of January 2010. Trial it for yourselves and let them know what you think here.

I downloaded it easily on my work PC and will try it at home on my Mac. So far I find it very user friendly – though perhaps it delays access for a second or 2.
Have a shot!

Scottish Poet Elspeth Murray returns to Glow

Get your Glow log-ins ready because on Friday 22nd January, Scottish Poet Elspeth Murray will take part in her second live Glow Meet with budding young Poets across Scotland.

The event is on at 10am, Fri 22 January and is aimed at S2 pupils and suitable for teachers interested in getting some help and ideas with teaching poetry from a poet in real time. Teachers can take part even if they don’t have a class at this time.

Book Festival meets Glow

New Edinburgh Book Festival Event on Glow – Michelle Paver

MIchelle Paver and BookLTS is delighted to announce that the author of the fascinating and bestselling series ‘Chronicles of Ancient Darkness’ will be appearing live over Glow Meet from the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Michelle Paver will be speaking at 12:00 on Monday the 31st of August, so if you and your class would like to hear her talk about her exciting series of novels, set in the stone-age, and to hear about what inspires her to write, sign up by going to the Edinburgh International Book Festival Glow Group.