Holiday break on offer for families affected by disability

Epilepsy Scotland is delighted to announce the purchase of a luxury caravan based at Seton Sands in the Lothians.

The caravan is available for booking both by families and by individuals affected by a disability and on a low income.  It can sleep up to six people for a one week stay between March and October. 

A one-off administration fee of £40 is payable which covers the use of all the caravan’s facilities.  A free entertainment pass for on-site entertainment is also included. 

 This opportunity to have a short break can make a huge difference to an individual or family and can contribute to everyone’s health and wellbeing.  The purchase of the caravan has been made possible thanks to a generous grant to Epilepsy Scotland from Spifox.

 If you would like to find out more please look up our website, email or phone 0131 226 5458.

New help for teachers on dealing with epilepsy in the classroom

The Scotsman reports: 

“People see you differently,” says 15-year-old Beth Mackie. “The teachers who were there when it happened said it was really scary and they didn’t know what to do.

“I had a seizure in the hall and my teachers really panicked. It was chaos when I came round. The first time I woke up, I didn’t know what happened and there were people running around, people shouting.

An early guide to the condition was paid for by the then Scottish Executive in 2004 and later revised in line with the Education (Additional Support for Learning) Act 2004.

About 2,800 copies of the latest guide have gone to every primary and secondary in Scotland, and requests have been made for another 1,200 copies, including one from an epilepsy specialist nurse in Northern Ireland.