Breakfast – most important meal of the day!


Breakfast Break


Following a successful application to the Fairer Scotland Fund the Early Years and Childcare team have been allocated money to support “Breakfast Break”, to provide breakfast to children of primary school age who arrive at school without having even had a drink. We have all seen/know these children and the effects that lack of food/drink has on their behaviour and ability to learn.

By providing breakfast we will be supporting not only the children but also the families, and teachers in schools. Children will receive an actual breakfast and be in an environment where they can relax and prepare themselves for the school day, by socialising with peers, catching up on last nights homework or having the opportunity to sit quietly and read.

Breakfast will be “purchased” from existing breakfast provision attached to some primary schools, we will also be supporting places at Tranent and Dunbar Wraparound to provide the same service for children of nursery age.

A criterion for places is being drafted and will be in place for the new academic year. A commitment to provide 61 places a day has been made, and the general feedback to date is that this may not be enough to meet demand for places.

It is anticipated that the referrals will come through schools.


Pauline Homer

Early Years Development Officer