How do we reach the hard to reach?

Posted on behalf of Pauline Home – Early Years Development Officer


I am looking at ways in which rewards can be or are used to encourage vulnerable families to attend support groups, workshops etc. Whilst I have carried out some research on this topic there are few examples other than payment for attendance, which would not be my choice. Does anyone know or have experience of using reward systems in their work with vulnerable families. In reward I am thinking of vouchers to hairdressers, nail salon, vouchers for Mothercare etc or in the case of longer term projects tickets for family days out. I would like to hear from anyone who has employed this method to support and encourage engagement.

Pauline Homer


One thought on “How do we reach the hard to reach?”

  1. Hi Pauline
    Speak to Donna Doherty – Family Support Worker in Tranent about her ‘Family Passport’ idea. I think this works well from all I have heard – and I think that it may be adopted elsewhere in East Lothian the Tranet based service champions discussed it at their learning set (details to be posted shortly) – and it was thought that it could have applications in relation to vulnerable families accessing the council runs summer activities programme



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