Reflections on a rainy day

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that it has been quite wet lately.

A colleague on a forest school leader course that I am undertaking at the present time alerted me to the following piece on the BBC website – it really does make you ask the question why in a country where rain is pretty common we are so unprepared for it.

What is it in our culture that makes such a sharp demarcation between indoor and outdoor? During the recent heavy rain I was due to pick up some forest school equipment from a nursery in East Lothian that had run a forest school programme before the summer break. Bad planning on my part meant I arrived at the same time as all the parents that were coming to pick up their kids – because it was raining many more than usual came by car. But what struck me was that even in this very outdoor minded nursery there was no where for parents or other kids to stand out of the by then heavy rain other than within the door of the nursery itself. This made me think of my daughters school where it seems like the slightest bit of rain means an indoor playtime.

Perhaps this is something we need to pay more attention to if we are serious about getting children and parents more physically active, and out of cars. Why can’t we cope with children getting a bit wet when playing, or walking to and from places, why do we not have more outdoor covered spaces to cope with the fact that it rains quite a bit in Scotland?