East Lothian CHP HEAT Report

A recent report on East Lothian Community Health Partnership’s (CHP) progress towards meeting the Health Improvement aspects of the Scottish Government’s NHS HEAT Targets is attached below.

Health Improvement Heat Targets – September 2009

These are the areas that the CHP is tasked with developing and reporting on and there are obvious links with many areas of Support from the Start with a significant focus on early years and children’s health.  The targets H2, H3 and H7 in particular on dental health, child healthy weight and infant feeding respectively are obviously linked.

Explicit links are also made with the relevant outcomes from the East Lothian Single Outcome Agreement.

It may be possible to use the data compiled in this report and future updates to set baseline information and monitor progress for some aspects of Support from the Start.

If any service Champions would like further information please feel free to get in touch.

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  1. Hi John
    Really useful summary – the table on page 6 looking at life expectancy is very revealing – on average we are all living longer but over the last twenty years the gap in life expectancy between affluent and deprved has increased by almost a 1/3 for men



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