The National Programme for Equally Well has set up a social networking web page to improve links and sharing of learning between the eight Equally Well test sites of which Support from the Start is one. The web pages will also be used to report on progress against the objectives of the test site.

The purpose of the site is described as follows

This is the site of Equally Well Test Sites’ Learning Network. This contains the thoughts, opinions, lessons learned and best practice which has been generated by the test sites. The sites have adopted a continuous learning approach and will be using this site to share their learning between each other and the wider stakeholder community.

You can register to be a member of the network and develop your own page on the site in the same way as other social networking sites.

The address of the site is

For those of you accessing from council or NHS computers –¬†you may have to to click ‘continue to view for work purpsoes’, and the quality of the site is lessened by pictures being blocked and the layout is somewhat lost becasue of the firewalls that are in place for security purposes. Hopefully this will improve – but you should be able to access the blogs as well as the short movies from Harry Burns, Shona Robison and the test site leads on thier hopes for the test sites.