Using art to develop emotional literacy in the primary classroom

 Jo Hume is an art education consultant and she gave a workshop at Preston Lodge High School and at Dunbar primary on the 26th October

The core of Jo’s work centres on the nature and importance of creativity in learning, the role of expression through art and a particular interest in the way art can be used to develop emotional intelligence. Following a long career in teaching art across all age groups and research in art education she has been working for the last ten years with LEA’s running CPD courses, writing materials, and providing classroom support and project management in primary art education. In her session she talked of how the language of art works in reflecting feelings and tapping into unconscious expression. She also demonstrated a series of short practical activities addressing different aspects of emotional intelligence which can be used in the classroom with different age groups. Much of this type of learning happens through talking to children about their work.

Jo’s presentation can be viewed here  presentation-for-steven-wray-first-part-of-art-and-emotional-intelligence-a 

2 thoughts on “Using art to develop emotional literacy in the primary classroom”

  1. Steven, it was great to meet you today finally whilst you were being a Forest School Leader at Whitecraig Primary. I love Jo’s presentation. It matches my own presentation on Emotional Literacy, which I gave to Musselburgh Cluster on the same day as Jo was presenting. I’d love to contact Jo. How would I do that? Thanks.

  2. Hi Sheila
    Very good to meet you to – and so glad you are now working in EL. Having great fun at Whitecraig and learning a lot – Claire (the class teacher) is very patient with me.

    Jo’s work email address is
    Didn’t get a chance to go to her workshop but got lots of positive feedback about it.

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