Homestart & the ‘civic conversation’.


Homestart manager Linden Ross is one of the six community champions for Support from the Start. She is organising a series of informal networking and information exchanges as part of the civic conversation. This is the information for the next session which is on housing

 We’d like to welcome you to a networking opportunity to exchange information about issues and processes about Housing.

Those of us who work within agencies supporting parents of pre-school children, would benefit greatly from this ‘conversation’, in order to be better informed about current challenges within Housing.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to meet various agencies, including Housing,

at the Early Years Centre, Sanderson’s Wynd, Tranent,

on Monday 16th November 2009 at 12pm-2pm

with sandwiches and refreshments provided!

One thought on “Homestart & the ‘civic conversation’.”

  1. Linden / Fiona – this was a really useful session and some very positive suggestions came out of it.
    I particulary liked the suggstion of including / inviting community based staff from all sectors in housing awareness training. It was quite apparent that their was a real gap in knowledge amongst community based staff about many of the supports that housing services have iin place for people who experiencing difficulties with housing issues.

    Thank you for organising this and look forward to the write up

    Steven Wray

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