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Active bodies
Active bodies

A workshop on Active Bodies was one of the fifteen worskhop choices at the in service session on the 26th October held at Preston Lodge. It was given by Emma Biggart and Kirsty Preston. Emma looked at the role of the Active schools team and Kirsty at the role of the wider Healthy Living Service which the Active school team is part of.  The link between physical activity and emotional well being has been well established through research. Regular physical activity is probably one of the best ways you can protect and enhance your emotinal well being at every stage of life. 

As a nation Scotland has been putting on weight over the last several decades, yet the average daily difference in calorie intake from the 1950’s to now is reputedly around 10 calories. That is the equivalent of one digestive biscuit a day.  In terms of physical activity however we are far less likely to be active on a regular basis than we were in the 1950’s. Small but sustained increase in calories coupled with less physical activity is what has caused the pounds to go onto the nations waist (including children). At the same time as the nation has been getting heavier we have also seen a rapid increase in mental health problems like stress and depression at all life stages.

Its not rocket science – but an environment that has more calories and less physical activity produces people that are heavier and more likely to find it difficult to cope with stress and life changes. The tricky part is changing the environment so that we can be more active and take in less calorie rich food.

You can see from Kirsty’s presentation that lots of good work is going on to give children and families the opportunities to be physically active. Do we need to do more and if so what are the priorities?

Kirsty presentation can be viewed here the-healthy-living-service