Attachment Theory

 Chris Jeffery who is a local health visitor gave a workshop at the Learning, Emotions and Well Being in-service session on the 26th October on attachment theory.

Head teachers who attended the presentation given by Harry Burns at the launch of Support from the Start on the 16th march 2009 had specifically mentioned that they thought that  training of teaching staff in attachment theory would be useful. I have to admit I was suprised that this was not something covered in a teachers basic training. The response of teachers at all levels both to the presentation from Harry Burns and and workshops like that given by Chris makes me think that this is something that should be included in the basic training of teachers primary and secondary. How can exisiting staff get access to training on attachment theory and what it means for child development – can / should  it be delivered on a multi agency basis where staaf can excahnge ideas about supporting children who have not for whatever reason developed attachment to a significant adult.

Chris is a Registered Nurse with a BSc in Community Health Nursing and a Diploma in Child Protection who has been working as a Health Visitor in East Lothian for almost 9 years. In this workshop she gave an overview of Attachment Theory and then in small groups, discussed what this means to participants in their areas of work. Her workshop did not involve a powerpoint presentation but she has kindly agreed for her notes for the workshop to be posted here  attachment-theory-notes