Untold damage

New research highlights the negative impacts of harmful parental drinking on the lives of children in Scotland

Read the research from SHAAPlinked below, that details the high number of calls to childline which center on the effect of alcohol abuse in a family and then ask yourself what should the minimum price of a unit of alcohol be?

I like a drink and don’t what to pay through the nose for it, but its unbearable that cheap drink is taking childhood away for many Scottish children.

“What is particularly sad, is that many children experience a loss of childhood because they often take on caring responsibilities such as looking after brothers or sisters and this can prevent children doing normal childhood activities.”

Dr Evelyn Gillan, Director of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems

Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) news release: http://www.shaap.org.uk/news/131,Untold_Damage%3A_Children%27s_accounts_of_living_with_harmful_parental_drinking.htmlDownload report:


http://www.work-interactive-test.co.uk/UserFiles/File/Reports%20and%20Briefings/Untold%20Damage%20full%20report.pdf (1Mb)Media coverage:



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