A Doula” (pronounced “doola”) is a Greek word meaning “woman servant or caregiver”. It now refers to a trained and experienced person who accompanies a woman through pregnancy and childbirth and the first few weeks of family life.

The development of Doula’s  has been associated with people  who could afford to pay for a private service – but services have developed in England that provide volunteer Doula’s to women from a variety of backgrounds. The results sound impressive

  • 84% breastfeeding initiation rate
  • 55% breastfeeding rate at 6 weeks
  • 18% caesarean section rate

A Volunteer Doula Project  this link will give you details of a Civic Conversation event being held in Musselburgh in February, entitled  ‘A Volunteer Doula Project: Could it work here?’ You will here the manager of the Goodwin volunteer Doula project based in Hull talk about her experience, and have an opportunity for discussion following the presentation.

Some research links

Continuous support for women during childbirth (review)

Social support by doulas during labour and the early postpartnum period

A chicago based young mother project






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  1. Shauna – thank you for organising this event – i thought it was very successful and I am convinced that this is the knid of servce development that women want to see and can also be effective at reducing early inequalities

    Some very powerful stories from the panel and the audience



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