Champions Get Together

Just before xmas the  Service and Community champions met to review how the test site had developed over the last year. The first part of the session was an informal chance to catch up with each other and review the year using a timeline. The timeline showed key activities since the test site was announced and champions were asked to record their impression with sticky post its.

Below are photographs of the Support from the Start Storyboard which was displayed at the Champions Get Together, held on Monday 21st December 2009 in John Muir House Haddington. Th notes from the discussion are linked get-together-group-discussion-notes

This event was a good opportunity for the Service Champions and Community Champions to meet each other, the Project Board members and East Lothian council Chief Executive Alan Blackie was in attendance. It was a fun event with relaxation and culminated in a facilitated group discussion looking at future priorities.

The storyboard is a timeline for the test site from initiation in October 2008 to the time of the Get Together in December 2009, which details major events and deliverables from the project and lists the outcomes driving the project forward. There is also a list of the Service Development Fund proposals and many of the activities which have taken place. The Champions were encouraged to add their thoughts to the storyboard of what inspired them/disappointed them and what have been the achievements or barriers. These thoughts are also listed here.

Champions Thoughts