Susan Deacon to champion early years in Scotland

Susan Deacon

Susan Deacon has been advising the planning board for Support from the Start for the last 9 months and played an invaluable role as an external advisor.

Delighted that Susan has been appointed by the Government to look at how children’s early years experience can be improved. A big task in the face of cutbacks and budgetary pressures – but perhaps the economic conditions mean that it is more important than ever that we make sure that children get the best possible start. The following is a quote from Susan’s┬ápress release :-

What we do now – as parents, families and communities as well as through our public services – will have an impact on the lives of individuals and the prosperity of our nation for decades to come.

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2 thoughts on “Susan Deacon to champion early years in Scotland”

  1. We have already posted a question about the clarification of what do es ” early years ” mean Our organization work with children from birth to 16 years and we firmly believe that the earlier you start the better but our funding is being cut every year. As part of our service we offer a repite service to vulverable families for under 3’s through a referral system from health visitor social work etc to 36/40 children and we always have a waiting list.
    Awaiting a reply

  2. Hi Sally
    I can’t find where you posted the previous question, but for Support from the Start we define early years as pre birth to 8 years old.

    I am aware that different agencies have different definition of early years – we went with 0-8 as it coverd both the NHS and laocal authority definition of early years

    Hope that helps


    Steven Wray

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