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Summer reading when you have had enough of  the likes of Ian Rankin, James Patterson, or Patricia Cornwell

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Sara Knight

Learning outside the classroom is an essential part of early years education, and this book looks at the opportunities the Forest School experience can offer young children for learning outdoors, and how this fits into the early years curriculum. By offering clear guidance on what the Forest School approach can achieve, the book shows you how to incorporate good practice into all outdoor play activities.

 ‘This book is a very welcome addition to literature on outdoor learning in the early years. Sara Knight captures the essence and ethos of Forest School through a detailed consideration of case studies and research projects, and gives a succinct overview of the theoretical underpinnings and history of the movement in the UK. The book also provides useful practical guidance on participating in Forest School, and will be an inspiration to all those concerned with giving young children the opportunity to engage in natural outdoor spaces on a regular basis. Essential reading for both students and practitioners in early childhood!’ – Tim Waller, Reader in Early Years Education, University of Wolverhampton


 GO WILD!: 101 Things to Do Outdoors Before You Grow Up

Fiona Danks, Jo Schofield, Frances Lincoln

 GO WILD! describes a range of outdoor adventures for families to share, including foraging for wild food, the magical excitement of making fires, cooking over the hot coals, making your own shelter and tracking animals. For eight-year-olds through to young teenagers there are tempting alternatives to computers and hanging out: brilliant ideas for having fun that will also help them to learn new skills and give them independence and confidence.

‘Utterly joyful! and full of fun’, said The Countryman of Nature’s Playground. Following that book’s success the authors have written a second book that encourages children to enjoy and learn from the natural world through fun – this time for slightly older children. Go Wild describes a range of outdoor adventures for families to share, including foraging for wild food, the magical excitement of making fires, cooking over the hot coals, making your own shelter and tracking animals.


 I LOVE DIRT!: 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature

 Jennifer Ward

 Oh, what fun a child can have by jumping in mud puddles, collecting bugs and listening to birds! And yet, many children today have become so occupied with TV, computers and video games that unstructured outdoor play is sadly becoming a thing of the past. I LOVE DIRT! is a call to parents, educators and caregivers to help children recover one of the great joys of childhood

 52 activities, readers will find a wealth of creative ways to actively engage children, ages four to nine, in nature. Each activity presents an open-ended project meant to promote exploration, stimulate imagination and heighten a sense of wonder.


 LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS: Saving Our Children from Nature-deficit Disorder

 Richard Louv

  `A thought provoking and integrated approach detailing early research linking lack of unstructured contact with nature and a variety of behavioural problems such as ADHD and potential ways forward. And it’s not as dry as it sounds. There are lots of real stories of den building, tree climbing, cloud racing to illustrate, making it an enjoyable read. It’s an important book for anyone involved in education, planning and building/space design; a must for landscape architects. It’s equally important for anyone with a responsibility for children; parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, carers. It got me back out into the fields, hills and woods with my son and dog!’ – Amazon Review


 NATURE’S PLAYGROUND: Activities, Crafts and Games to Encourage Your Children to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

 Fiona Danks, Jo Schofield

 This delightful illustrated book is a guide to introducing children to the great outdoors through fun activities in nature. Designed for use by families, carers, play workers and teachers, the book sets out guidelines for safe and engaging play outdoors, with useful tips on how to hold children’s attention on longer excursions. The book is divided into seasons, with activities appropriate to each.

 `This inspiring book will have you wanting to get out in all weathers … a popular addition to your staff-room library’ (Teacher )

`A lovely book, beautifully produced and illustrated and full of fun’. (Countryman )



 Hilary Harriman

 This book is a wonderful source of inspiration for using the outdoor environment to develop learning across the whole curriculum. It provides: creative ideas and starting points for outdoor learning; brilliant colour photographs; detailed practical advice on how to initiate, create, develop and use outdoor learning opportunities; excellent resource lists; links with indoor play.


 WITHOUT WALLS: Creative Work with Families Developing and Using the Outdoor Space

 A Resource for Children’s Centres, Managers and Staff  Compiled by Julia Sargent, 2010 Oxfordshire County Council

 WITHOUT WALLS is a partnership initiative between Oxfordshire County Council and Learning through Landscapes, supporting children’s centres and community groups to work with families with children under the age of 5 to use and develop outdoor areas for high quality learning and play. This publication showcases the inspiring results from the first year of this project, highlighting lessons learned and sharing good practice. Packed full of activities and ideas for enhancing outdoor areas


 YOUNG CHILDREN AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Early Education for Sustainability

 Julie M. Davis

 An essential text for students in early childhood education and a practical resource for child care practitioners and primary school teachers, this book is designed to promote education for sustainability from birth to 8 years. Groundbreaking content draws on recent literature in the areas of organisational, educational and cultural change and environmental sustainability. Early childhood case studies and vignettes exemplify leadership in practice, and’ Provocations’ are integrated throughout to inspire new ways of thinking about the environment, the wider world, young children.


 Outdoor Learning in the Early Years

Management and Innovation

 Helen Bilton

 Now in its third edition, Outdoor Learning in the Early Years is the complete guide to creating effective outdoor environments for young children’s learning. Comprehensively revised and updated throughout, this book covers every aspect of working outdoors in the early years and fully explains the importance of outdoor play to children’s development.

Key topics covered include:

  • * how to manage and set up the outdoor area
  • *  what children gain from being outside
  • *  how to allow children to take managed risks
  • *  making sense of work and play
  • *  how outdoor provision helps children become self regulatory
  • *  providing for both boys and girls in the outdoor environment
  • *  research supporting the outdoor approach.

A book for practitioners at every level of their career; each chapter includes discussions and questions for continuing development that can easily be incorporated into INSET as well as training within further or higher education.

Outdoor Learning in the Early Years contains a multitude of ideas and activities for working outdoors in the early years and provides a framework within which professionals can analyse and develop their outdoor provision and environment. This book is essential reading for all EYFS and Key Stage 1 practitioners, and for trainee teachers, their tutors, and mentors.