Health gap wider than any time since the Great War!

Research published in the British Medical Journal this week suggests that the health gap is wider in the 21st century than at any point in the 2oth century.

The BBC report below points out that this includes the massive economic depression between the wars and the stock market crashes of the 193o’s. Looking at the pictures in the BBC report of cloth capped working men it’s hard to accept that society then was actually more equal in terms of life expectancy than it is now. The UK also has one of the poorest rates of social mobility, so particularly for the poorest in our society there really is a cycle of poor health that is difficult to break out of by your own efforts.

However, its not all doom and gloom as life expectancy has risen greatly for all social groups over the last century – but it just aint good enough that in the 21st century your economic status at birth will have a signifcant effect on your potential for good health and a long life.


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