Olive Bank nature play & nurture

Olivebank Child and family centre recently hosted a forest kindergarten. Apart from it being a great experience for the children involved it also provided experiential learning for staff on a short training course with Aline Hill and Ros Marshall on nature play & nurture. The video gives staff experience of the forest kindergarten.

Aine & Ross talk about an early session

Olivebank Nature Play2

Staff talk about effect on the childrens use of language

Olivebank Nature Play3

Staff member talks about effect on behaviour

Olivebank Nature Play4

Staff talk about impat of sessions on Olivebabk children and staff

olivebank nature play14

2 thoughts on “Olive Bank nature play & nurture”

  1. A very useful set of videos.

    I’m currently writing up a set of “Woods for Learning” case studies which include 4 pre-school ones which may be of interest once their out. One example from Aberdeen City is about Nurture Groups outside in woods.

  2. Hi Juliet
    Thanks for that – afraid my editing of the clips is a bit raw.
    Look forward to seeing the nurture case study – I think I might have met soembody from Aberdeen that was involved in this at a LTS conference a little while back



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