Solihull Training opportunity – The First Five Years

Solihull Approach Foundation Course: ‘The First 5 years’ two-day training

 The Solihull Approach is an integrated psychodynamic and behavioural approach for professionals working with children (0-5) and families who are affected by emotional and behavioural difficulties. It is a highly practical way of working with families within a robust theoretical structure. It has a major contribution to make to the ways in which practitioners in health, education, social work and the voluntary sector can work with families to ensure that children have a good emotional start in life.  The Solihull Approach will help you to address emotional problems in a different way, giving you greater confidence in your own skills and practice.

 The Solihull Approach has been identified as an effective model for working with parents and young children and is part of East Lothian’s Parenting Strategy. 

 It is suitable for: Health Visitors, social workers, nursery nurses, community development workers, midwives, paediatricians, learning disability nurses, children’s nurses, speech therapists, family support workers, behaviour support teachers. 

  Two day training:  9.30am – 4.30pm May 3rd and May 17th.

Participants must attend both days to complete the training. The two training days are separated by a fortnight to allow professionals to use the model in their practice and feedback their experiences on Day 2.

 Venue: Training Department, Administration Building, Edenhall Hospital, Musselburgh

 If you wish to attend the training please contact (