Parentline Scotland

ParentLine Scotland is the free and anonymous helpline that offers support, advice and signposting by phone and by email, to any adult worried about a child no matter how big or small the issue. In addition to our locally delivered services, as a national helpline we work closely with your children’s services, helping them to act upon genuine child protection concerns.

How does increasing awareness of ParentLine Scotland help you?

ParentLine Scotland is a free additional resource that your staff can offer to parents and carers, and more people using the helpline frees up valuable time for delivering services to children and their families.

The helpline provides time and space for adults to talk about their concerns and to get a little bit of extra support, while the email service allows concerned adults to write about what is happening at a time that suits them. Your staff can feel confident that they are providing an additional complimentary service.

Since its launch in 1999, ParentLine Scotland has received over 108,000 calls covering a very wide range of issues including child protection concerns, postnatal depression, behaviour and discipline, family relationships and bullying to name but a few. All child protection calls are carefully screened and if appropriate the caller will be supported to report on to duty social work teams and where necessary, will be reported by ParentLine Scotland staff. The helpline was recently extended to provide a confidential email response service to give support to people who find it easier to write things down than pick up the phone.