Baby Brain Map

Morag Nicholson – senior health promotion specialist and service champion recently brought this web resource to my attention.

It is an interesting interactive baby brain map site

Is this the kind of thing that  could be promoted to parents in Scotland?

As a 49 year old who considers himself reasonably computer/ Internet  literate, I am still very aware of a gulf between my generation and  younger generations of  people who are growing up immersed in a web based information culture. 

I belong to that generation who wear wrist watches even though such single use devices are now completely outmoded. The mobile phone is the new generations wrist watch, just as I automatically put my wrist watch on in the morning my sons turn their mobiles on. In fact its their mobiles that wake them up with their alarm functions.

During some engagement work with parents in Midlothian I asked parents of nursery aged children where they would go for advice and help – the Internet was a very common response.