Financial literacy in the early years

Veronica Campanile – East Lothian’s indefatigable community planning policy officer alerted me to the following resource developed by the Scottish Book Trust & partners- they are lovely as well as useful tools

On The Money

Change the way you think about money with this collection of stories from four of Scotland’s top children’s authors. They look at all sorts of things to do with money in fun and useful ways. The stories are guaranteed to make you laugh and think, and look at money as you never have before.

There is also a brand new website dedicated to On The Money, the folowing is from the website.

On the Money is a new book of four stories by Theresa Breslin, Jonathan Meres, Nicola Morgan and Alison Prince, exploring issues of financial responsibility for children.
On the Money combines numeracy with literacy in an innovative way that hasn’t previously been implemented in Scotland. The project goes beyond knowledge and skills and the focus of many existing resources for financial education, to encourage crucial attitudes, values and dispositions relevant to responsible and enterprising financial

On the Money is a free resource that will be distributed to schools throughout Scotland. Standard Life, Learning and Teaching Scotland and Scottish Book Trust
have worked in partnership to produce a book of stories for primary school children to help them become financially informed and aware and to aid their growth into financially capable adults. The aim of the project is to develop the financial capability of primary school pupils as part of their general education. This will give pupils an opportunity to engage with key financial concepts, and to do this in a very creative and enjoyable way. Together we have developed a package of four stories, initially for primary school children, which incorporate issues to do with:

Financial responsibility (such as entrepreneurship and money management, exploration of moral dilemmas to do with money and awareness of  financial systems)
Advice for teachers on how to use the stories to explore the issues with pupils, including dealing with sensitive issues in classes where children come from very different economic and cultural backgrounds
An inclusive DVD resource that includes a British Sign Language video for the Deaf, audio tracks in English and Gaelic, and a presentation of the story illustrations as an aid to teachers who choose to read the stories aloud in the classroom
A website which includes PDFs of each of the stories and of the complete book, a PDF of the support materials, downloadable audio files of each story in English and Gaelic and downloadable British Sign Language versions of
each story.

Here is the link to the web page