Dads2be & Pre-Conception Health Advice

One of the reports in my post holiday ‘to read’ file is a short briefing from Children in Scotland on pre-conception health. This is aimed at Scotland’s quarter of a million children and young peoples workforce. Its short, written in plain English, and with lots of references¬†if you want more detail. Discussing this briefing at a team meeting would be an easy way for managers to contribute to the prevention / early intervention agenda.

EYPP Briefing — Preconception Health 511[1]

Looking at the Children in Scotland website I noticed that the new Dads2Be resource is now available. This is a resource for professionals involved in ante-natal education to provide advice and support tailored to the needs of Dads ante-natally.

You can view the resource on the  Children in Scotland website.

Contact, 0131 222 2440 or, 0131 222 2412 for more information and/or CD Rom copies of the Dads2b Resource (FREE while stocks last).