“Me, Myself & Amelia”

Scottish Government figures reveal that the number of families that are headed by a  single parent in Scotland is 22 per cent. It’s thought that around 90 per cent of these families are headed by a single mother.

This compares to Greece (4.8 per cent), Spain (7.1) and Holland (11.5). Latvia has the highest percentage of one-parent households with 23.3 per cent, with Ireland at 23.2 per cent.

Being a parent is probably one of the most rewarding things I have done with my life to date – but I wouldn’t have coped on my own ( far too selfish) – so I have great admiration for those single parents I know who do cope so well. Sadly, however, statistically children of single parents are more vulnerable for social and health problems than children of two parent families. That is probably largely because many single parents get trapped in poverty and become isolated from supportive networks and opportunities. There are some things that make it easier for single parents to get by  – like good quality childcare at a cost that can be afforded, a supportive social network, and opportunities for education, training and work. I am not sure what evidence there is for this but my instinct tells me that children of single mothers also probably do better if they have access to positive male role models.

Organisation like Single Parent Scotland campaign on behalf of single parents and are quick to point out that single parents are a diverse group and add a lot to life in Scotland

Lone Parents play a vital role in Scottish society as parents, carers and  contributors to their local community. That so many feel outside the mainstream of economic and social activity, means that Scotland misses out on the potential contribution of citizens who bring valuable insights and experiences.

This is short film – Me, Myself & Amelia – I think gives a very realistic but positive insight into the life of a single mother. It is about three days in the life of Shelley and Amelia. Shelley who is a film maker  also helped to make the the short film ‘These are the things that matter to me..’ looking at what parents in Mid and East Lothian think is important in terms of support for parents and families.