‘Loose materials & Play’

A small group of staff from East & Midlothian went to visit the schools featured in this short video at the invite of Grounds for Learning. The group included a teacher from Whitecraig Primary, and the team leader for a pre-school centre managed by Midlothian Surestart.. Whitecraig and two Suretart centres are now working with GfL to introduce natural loose materials into the playground. A P1 teacher at Wallyford primary is also working with a local artist to find ways of using different materials in their playground area – this time with an emphasis on recycled materials. Excited to see how these projects develop and hope they prove to be exemplars for other schools and pre-school centres in the use of loose materials for more imaginative play opportunities.

One thought on “‘Loose materials & Play’”

  1. Wonderful

    So want to bring more of this into our local infant school. We have such great space and kids imaginations so fabulous at that age, learning can be fun healthy and stimulating , just need the adult leaders to think out the box, lead by example and join in the adventure.

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