How parents are being misled

A British Heart Foundation (BHF) campaign report on children’s food marketing

Healthy eating and children’s diets have never been higher up on people’s list of concerns and everyone agrees that parents are key to making healthy food choices for families.

But how can they do this in the current environment? The riot of messages in the media and on food packaging leaves them bewildered about what is really best for their kids. Even when parents are able to take the time to sift through the information they are being given about nutrition, this may not help if the food labels only give them part of the story.

For the first time, this BHF report ‘ How Parents are Being Misled’ ( examines the ways that food companies are playing on parents’ concerns to actively market children’s food that is high in sugar, fat and salt. They are being overloaded with messages about what is best for their children’s diet and hindered from making informed choices.

That’s why the BHF and others are demanding that the UK Government creates an environment that empowers parents by rigorously limiting the marketing of unhealthy foods and making sure that labels are clear and consistent. Parents are asked to join with BHF in campaigning for an end to the techniques that allow companies to mislead them.

You can also try the BHF interactive guide, ‘5 Steps to Junk Food Marketing Success’ (, to discover just how junk food companies market unhealthy products to children on line.


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