Suffering in Silence

 Some of the parents who spoke about the ‘things that mattered to them’ at the Healthy Happy Bairn’s conference outlined the impact depression following birth can have on women and their families. So a new report on the impact of postnatal depression with case studies and practical suggestions as to how families can be helped through better and more aware services is timely.

In Britain today, we are letting families down by not preparing them for the possibility of postnatal depression and not acting quickly or appropriately when it occurs – as a result we are stacking up problems for the future and causing needless misery for thousands. We believe that the recommendations in this report have the potential to give new strength to families at a crucial stage in their lives with long term, positive consequences. Failure to deliver this change means more unnecessary suffering and the spiralling costs of the consequences. We cannot afford to do nothing.


One thought on “Suffering in Silence”

  1. This is a huge and terrifying issue affecting so many more folk than one would initially expect
    Not just themothers but also fathers, and families as a whole, not to forget the newborns themselves

    I know from personal and professional experience that the Edinburgh post natal assessment tool is virtually useless thus Many cases go unidentified
    It’s to easy to pretend there is no problem , until it’s too late
    It must become easier to admit there is a problem, to ask for help without fear of judgement, stigma
    Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness yet admiting that not coping, that feeling drowned in darkness, overwhelmed and alone- recognising this and asking for help is not failure!
    Need to take the fear out of

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