The Parent Early Education Partnership was started in 1995 and  has developed a five-year programme offering developmentally appropriate support for parents and carers.  It covers the period from their child’s birth to starting school. Already well established in Midlothian this programme is relatively new to East Lothian, and Support from the Start has sponsored training for around 30 practitioners to bring this programme to more parents and children in East Lothian. The cluster champions groups that have got going so far have all identified PEEP as one of the resources they would like to bring into there communities.

 PEEP Programme Aims

  1. To promote parents’ and carers’ awareness of children’s very early learning and development through making the most of everyday activities and interactions.
  2. To support parents/carers in their relationships with their children, so that the children’s self-esteem will be enhanced.
  3. To affirm the crucial role of parents/carers as children’s first educators.
  4. To support parents/carers in the development of their children’s literacy and numeracy.
  5. To support parents/carers so that they can encourage the development of positive learning dispositions.
  6. To promote and support parents’ and carers’ lifelong learning.

Maureen Black family, engagement worker, has been runnig a PEEP group for babies and their parents in partnership with the Musselburgh Burgh Primary school using the schools community room. The sessions are very popular with parents as this recent feedback suggests

We’re really enjoying these Wednesday afternoons with you. The sessions are really relaxed and fun for the wee ones (and us big uns) and you are so welcoming. 

For more information on PEEP and the evidence base for the programme visit