LicketyLeap – Latest statistics and evaluation results for East Lothian

LicketyLeap is Licketyspit’s ground-breaking immersive (participative) theatre project for three to five year olds in groups of ten, which is delivered as part of a four-part programme involving nursery staff, parents, carers and families. Launched in October 2011 with funding from Inspiring Scotland’s Early Years Early Action Fund, LicketyLeap has currently been delivered to 1009 children from 22 nurseries in multiply deprived areas of North Edinburgh, East Lothian, North Glasgow and Fife. The project has achieved remarkably high levels of parental interest, with 904 parents, carers and family members having attended a LicketyLeap session in nurseries. Funding has now been extended until June 2013. 

LicketyLeap in East Lothian: Current Statistics (January 2013)

 Since October 2011, LicketyLeap has been delivered to 6 nurseries in East Lothian: First Step, Levenhall, Musselburgh Burgh, Prestonpans, Wallyford and Whitecraig. In total:

• 342 children have participated in the LicketyLeap programme in East Lothian.

 • 43 nursery staff have participated in the project.

 • 290 parents/carers have attended a LicketyLeap session in nurseries.

  •   224 parent/carer contact details have been captured.

 • 143 children were sampled for evaluation, with 123 evaluations completed and returned.

 For full evaluation report contact Licketyspit Theatre Company