Pre-school provision – Growing Up in Scotland report

 A new report from GUS explores the relationship between children’s experience of pre-school education and change in their social and cognitive development between the ages of 3 and 5. The project examines differences in the characteristics of pre-school provision experienced by different children and whether, in particular, the quality of the provision – as assessed through inspection by the Care Inspectorate or Education Scotland – influences children’s outcomes. The project uses data collected from mothers and children in the first birth cohort of the GUS study between 2008 and 2010. Survey data was linked to administrative data held by the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland.

Of the various pre-school characteristics considered, only the grading on the Care Inspectorate’s theme of ‘care and support’ was found to be associated with child outcomes, after controlling for differences in children’s backgrounds. Children who attended pre-school providers with a higher care and support grade were more likely to show higher vocabulary skills by age 5, irrespective of their skills at age 3 or their social background.
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