Service Development Fund Report – Go Mad with Dad

Act Plan Study DoFollowing the successful ‘go mad with dads’ project in the Prestonpans community, partnership working between Dadswork and Wallyford Community Centre is going to pilot an event (specifically for Fathers/Male Carers and their children (age 0-12yrs) in the Musselburgh community.
The morning event from 10am – 12pm will be held in Wallyford Community Centre nevertheless, the event will be open to the wider Musselburgh Community. A wide range of interesting activities will be linked to the EDI Readiness to Learn domains with the aim of:
• Celebrating male carer and dads’ relationships with children
• Giving Musselburgh Cluster fathers and male carers a quality play/activity experience to share positive moments with their children
• Building awareness of what makes children healthy and ready to learn through sharing the EDI domains
• Building up the opportunities for dads and kids’ activities in Musselburgh in partnership with community partners
Proposed date for event : 21st Feb 2014, 10-12noon

Go Mad with Dad