B-Aware: Breast Cancer Awareness Talks

b-awareBreast Cancer Care is the UK’s leading provider of information, practical assistance and emotional support for anyone affected by breast cancer.

At Breast Cancer Care, we promote the importance of early detection of breast cancer and provide accurate answers to questions about breast health. We believe that up-to-date information, based on clinical evidence, builds confidence and helps people take control of their health.

The aim of the talks is to allow attendees to discuss breast awareness in a relaxed and interactive way, address barriers to the message and debunk myths. We find that what mostly stops people from being breast aware is not knowing what to do or look for and the fear of what they might find.

Talks cover the following:

  • What breast awareness is and why it is important,
  • Identifying the range of things that can be normal in our breasts,
  • Knowing what changes to look and feel for,
  • Gaining confidence in knowing what to do next,
  • Importance of the screening programme,
  • Main risk factors
  • Q&As

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