Health Bites Seminar Presentation from 15th June Part 1 attached.

It looks as though my previous attempt to up load this presentation failed – I think because of the size of the file so I’ll try again as part 1, 2 and part 3.  See a previous post for background to this seminar – and watch Edubuzz for upcoming plans to use some of the same approach in East Lothian in relation to child friendly environments.

The following presentation will give you a flavour of the Glasgow City Equally Well test site work – but due to download sizes we can’t give you the whole presentation. If you want to know more about the tool discussed at the end of the presentation,  please contact Etive Currie at the Glasgow Equally Well test site

Health Bites Seminar on Built Environment 1

Health Bites Seminar on Built Environment 1.2

Health Bites Seminar on Built Environment 2.2

Health Bites Seminar on Built Environment 2 3amended

Health Bites Healthy Homes Healthy Communities

The first Health Bites seminar took place on 15th June in MusselburghEtive Currie and Tim Mitchell from Development and Regeneration Services, Glasgow City Council gave an account of their work as an Equally Well Test Site to integrate health into the planning system. This proved to be a fascinating insight into the possibilities of bringing together thinking about population and individual health and planning systems. The presentation should be attached.

A helpful questionnaire

 The public health team had a useful debate about how best to evaluate and record the effectivenss of our work. The result is the following  – hopefully – very user friendly questionnaire.  Use it if you like and think it helps – and not if  you don’t! Right click on the link below to find it. Any comments or problems let me know!


Bump to bairn

The Tranent health and Well Being Group worked with the East Lothian Young people and Food Group to run an event for local parents at the Loch Centre in Tranent. Parents could find out about health topics such as weaning and oral health or other aspects of life such as financial issues or childcare from a range of local and East Lothian services.  We estimate that at least 30 parents came along and the event had a positive and lively atmosphere.  We will be asking stall holders for their views so we can judge if this is something we should do again.

Parents were asked to give us their views on how it feels being a parent or carer in Tranent.  I thought others might be interested to see what they said – see below:

What’s not so good about being a parent or carer in Tranent? 


  • Stigma if a young parent.
  • Early Daze- 2nd baby mums not always able to attend
  • You can’t get buggies on most of the buses.
  • ‘Policeman’s Close’ – need to go on the road with buggies.
  • Lack of support from Council-funding not being allocated to our worker to keep our young parents group going.
  • Some shops not accessible to parents with buggies.
  • Lack of funding for groups



What’s good about being a parent or carer in Tranent?


  • Able to go to local parent and toddler groups
  • Early Daze 0-6months group with Health Visitors- really good for mums mixing and to access advice.
  • Local support groups.
  • Good health visitors
  • Good mums
  • Good midwives.
  • Social life with other mums.
  • Information given from midwives and health visitors.
  • Everything on the ‘door- step’ for a parent i.e. shops, banks etc.
  • Early Daze – provides advice, and a social aspect allowing friendships to be forged.
  • Good groups and support networks.
  • Having the support of local workers


How easy is it to be a parent or carer in Tranent?

(Individuals were asked to indicate on a scale between 1 and 10)


  • 2 parents indicated 5
  • 1 parent indicated 7


What needs to change?


  • More childcare.
  • More jobs for mums
  • Better parks and cafes.
  • Less stigma
  • Fill the gap with a local playgroup.
  • More private nurseries.
  • Better parks
  • More jobs for mums.
  • Better facilities for all ages 0-15yrs
  • More jobs aimed at single parents
  • Funding continuum for groups.



What’s not so good about Tranent?


  • The high street pavements aren’t buggy friendly.
  • Dated facilitied
  • Doctors’ surgery too small for size of population in Tranent.
  • Lack of cafes and meeting places.
  • No cafes or restaurants for families.



What’s good about Tranent?


Friendly mums.

Good choice of school for the size of Tranent.

Anti-natal classes and follow-up visits.

Plenty of groups for parents and children to meet.

Good support for breast feeding.

Quite child friendly.

Can access most shops with pram.

If improvements to Polson Park go ahead will make a big difference.

Helpful information from


How child friendly is Tranent?

(Individuals were asked to indicate on a scale between 1 and 10)


  • 1 parent  indicated 6




What needs to change?


  • More child friendly shops.
  • Better transport from surrounding villages.
  • Too many ‘bookies’ and off licences.