Play Scotland

The East Lothian Physical Activity & Health Partnership recently  invited Jane Crawford Senior Development Officer for Play Scotland to lead a discussion at the partnership on early years play and the need for a ‘play forum’ in East Lothian.

A lively discussion was held during the meeting and a number of options for better co-ordinating early years play in the county were discussed drawing on best practise from elsewhere. Jane’s input and on-going support will help take the discussion started in the physical activity partnership to other forums.

Jane’s presntation is linked below along with information on the role of Play Scotland

East Lothian, May 2011

Play Scotland Play Scotland Annual Review 2010

Baby Brain Map

Morag Nicholson – senior health promotion specialist and service champion recently brought this web resource to my attention.

It is an interesting interactive baby brain map site

Is this the kind of thing that  could be promoted to parents in Scotland?

As a 49 year old who considers himself reasonably computer/ Internet  literate, I am still very aware of a gulf between my generation and  younger generations of  people who are growing up immersed in a web based information culture. 

I belong to that generation who wear wrist watches even though such single use devices are now completely outmoded. The mobile phone is the new generations wrist watch, just as I automatically put my wrist watch on in the morning my sons turn their mobiles on. In fact its their mobiles that wake them up with their alarm functions.

During some engagement work with parents in Midlothian I asked parents of nursery aged children where they would go for advice and help – the Internet was a very common response.

Healthy & the Built Environment Seminar

Colleagues from the Glasgow City test site came through to East Lothian to give a presentation a ‘Health Bites’ seminar hosted by the East Lothian Public Health team

Here is the report from the  seminar held on 15th June 2010 in Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre. The presentation can be viewed in an earlier post

Healthy environment Seminar Report 15 06 10

Children in Scotland Training and Events

Attached is the first E-Guide to Children in Scotland Training and Events  –  August-December 2010. We hope you find this format easy to navigate, and that it saves you  time when it comes to booking places – you can do it all online with  the touch of a button. 

With events on subjects from children’s rights to social networking, alongside staples like behaviour management and child protection, plus major conferences, if you work with children and young people across a range of settings there will be something to enhance your knowledge, or add to your CPD. This new format also means it’s easy to forward the guide to  colleagues who would also like to know more.

 If a paper copy is still what you’d like, get in touch – we’ll gladly send one out. And make sure we have your contact details correct to make things easier.

 Book by printing out and posting the booking form in the attached guide or go online to to read a course summary.

 Book before 24 September and benefit from a 10% early bird discount – there’s something worth e-mailing about!

 It’s ‘All About Outcomes’ in the June issue of  ‘Children in Scotland’

magazine, which looks at how well we place children at the centre. Visit to learn more

Early Intervention

posted on behalf of Pauline Homer  

Deprivation and risk – The case for early intervention

A new report from Action for Children stressing the importance (and cost effectiveness) of early intervention. Plus a new website which actually does have a lot of useful information on crying, sleeping and how to settle. The name is an acronym, not the colour the unattended baby turns into!

The Period of Purple Crying (for newborns)

The Period of PURPLE Crying® is the phrase used to describe the point in a baby’s life when they cry more than any other time. This period of increased crying is often described as colic, but there have been many misunderstandings about how “colic” is really defined.