Tranent Cluster group invite you to take part in a Conversation

Conversation 9 March 2015

Infant and family nutrition

With the increased use of Foodbank’s and families pressurised with fuel bills and decreased income.   In CLD we are often asked to offer cooking on a budget or money matters courses and we would like to be clearer about what we offer to families and how this could fit with local partners.

For more information please contact Lena Hutton

01875 824138




Service Development Fund Report – Messy Church Tranent

Act Plan Study Do

Tranent Messy Church is supported by the churches in Tranent and based on a now international model of church as a family inclusive opportunity.  It is a free, monthly event (1st Sunday of the month, 4.30-6pm during term-time) for children and their carers to enjoy together.

Each session includes welcome activity, several arts & craft activities at different ability levels, an active activity, action songs, storytelling in various forms using Bible stories, and finishes with a meal for everyone.

All crafts are designed to be easily replicated at home to give parents/carers accessible ideas for play with their child and take into account different learning preferences and sensory experiences.

Each session offers play opportunities, a sit-down meal together and time to spend together in a safe environment.

Messy Church Tranent

Service Development Fund Report – Whitecraig Primary School/Community Centre Fab Feb Week 2014

Act Plan Study DoWhitecraig Primary School Community Centre Fab Feb week 2014


Funding is requested to support a programme of learning activities for families in the Whitecraig Community during Fab Feb week, 24th – 28th February. This is a partnership activity involving Whitecraig Community Centre, Whitecraig Primary School and Community Learning and Development, ELC. The purpose is to engage parents and children in joint activities to increase skills, promote positive health and to create an opportunity for families to spend time together sharing fun learning activities. The programme aims to include: family cooking, bowling, zumba/dance fitness, music and a storytelling activity in the newly developed storytelling garden. Funds are also requested for equipment for the storytelling garden.

Tranent Cluster group invite you to take part in a Conversation

Conversation 16 February 2015

Early and pre diagnosis children and parental support for additional or specconversation 16 feb 2015ial needs. 

The autism strategy has just come out for consultation and the play strategy is being developed  but how do we (SFTS ) support parents who may not yet have a diagnosis to engage with this information?



Monday  16th February, 2015

12pm – 2pm

McNeill Room, George Johnstone Centre ,


Conversation will be focussed around the following questions

  1. What can SFTS do to support families? 
  2. How can we be sure we are including families affected by these issues? 
  3. What would make the difference?  

Lunch will be provided.

For more information please cotact

Lena Hutton

01875 824138



Financial Help in the early years

CPAG in Scotland

Financial help in the early years

Growing up in poverty damages children’s health, development, education and lifetime opportunities. People working in early years and childcare are in a key position of everyday contact with families to pass on information to help maximise their incomes and make sure they do not miss out on vital support.