Support for oral health from the start

Following local civic conversations and a short series of Support from the Start facilitated meetings there are now plans to significantly increase the level of dental health promotion and to improve access to dental health services for young children in the Wallyford and Whitecraig areas. 


There is likely to be significant activity on dental health promotion, including the opportunity to access a fluoride tooth varnish scheme at a variety of community settings such as Stay & Play groups, Playgroups, Mother & Toddler groups and nurseries.


Also under consideration is the provision of a mobile dental treatment service for those children identified through these groups as requiring treatment.


Civic Conversation Prestonpans – Family activity day

Family Activity Day

Prestongrange Museum
Saturday 22nd August 2009
11am – 4pm



A Support from the Start stall was organised at the family activity day.  Around 45 adults attended the day but when asked if they lived in Prestonpans, there were 16 returns.  Local families were given different statements and asked to prioritise.  We also asked the questions “What makes parents/children healthy in their community” and adults and children were able to post their responses.


Although it was disappointing that not many Prestonpans families came along it was good to talk to and raise the profile of Support from the Start to the local families that did.






‘Civic Conversation’ in Prestonpans

 A group of Prestonpans based staff are working together to develop a dialogue with a group of local parents that are disengaged from services, to listen and learn about what kind of services they need and are willing to use. It is hoped that the dialogue itself will help to break down perceived barriers to using services that could be supportive to them as parents.

A proposal has been agreed between a range of agencies and funded from the Fairer Scotland funding



A group of parents were invited to attend an informal session to gather their views on services and what they need and the following document summarises the result.




Posted on behalf of Lorraine Congalton


Civic Conversation in Prestonpans

A recent meeting of Prestonpans based service providers, hosted at prestonpans library and chaired by Lorraine Congalton decided to focus their ‘civic conversation’ on developing realtionships with ‘vulnerable parents’.

The following notes notes are from the planning meeting for this. If you think you can help in this process contact Lorraine at the Pennypit, Rope walk Prestonpans

Prestonpans Library

The Pennypit Centre


Civic Conversation

Tranent Health Visitors have identified a gap in the provision of support to mothers who are older than most when they have their first child. They are organising an event to engage these mums and find out what they think of services.

Here are the details of an event to be held in the Tranent area in June – and an outline of the proposal to engage this group.

Mums in the Middle poster 

Mums in the Middle

Wallyford Support from the Start


Wallyford consultation took place on the 18th May 9am-11.30am at Wallyford Community Centre.  The invitation to participate in the consultation was extended to members of the wider community.  The consultation aimed to engage members of the local community in identifying health inequalities within their area and to get them to identify key health improvements. 


An assortment of health information and information on Support from the Start was also available through information stands and leaflets which participants took the time to read and many took information away.   As an incentive to take part, money off vouchers, for East Lothian Roots and Fruits was given out.


The consultation was very informal being based on discussion and participatory appraisal methods.  This seemed to work really well generating in-depth discussion whilst highlighting community issues and concerns.


Wallyford Support from the Start

Whitecraig Support from the Start and play

Dear All

As you are aware Whitecraig is one of the communities that is part of the Support from the Start process in East Lothian, which aims to improve health outcomes by focusing on intervention in the early years and support for parents.


As part of this process we have begun a ‘civic conversation’ on health and well being in Whitecraig with an event that looked at the health needs of early years families from a parents perspective (see enclosed report). The output of this event was the identification of two themes by the parents that were present – play, and access to services.


I would like to invite you to attend a short meeting to discuss how we can take the ‘civic conversation’  to the next level in Whitecraig  by focusing on the play issue in particular. This meeting would be to look at how parents in Whitecraig can be engaged in play as a health issue.


If you are happy to participate in this I would be grateful if you could indicate which of the following dates you could make.


Friday 12th June am

Monday 22nd June pm

Tuesday July 7th


Many thanks

Lena Hutton




Acceptance Feedback

Acceptance – written and performed by Lisa Nichol is a play about the pressures on young women that can lead to alcohol misuse and the issues that this can raise for young women..

 “This is a play that touches upon many of the issues that affect women like Scarlet today and conveys in a genuine and meaningful way the emotional and social dilemmas and the pressure people in today’s society face to fit in.” David Shaw – Glasgow Council on Alcohol

Support from the Start worked with Queen Margaret Univeristy to bring this performance to East Lothian as part of a ‘civic conversation’ on health and tackling health inequality. The performnces helped to raise awareness of alcohol as a health and well being issue, and each one was followed by discussion the ouput from which is given below.

The play is not a health education message against alcohol abuse, rather an honest portrayl of the issues alcohol can create in a young womans life. From the comment below I think it touched a cord for many people presnt. The Tranent performance was attend between 50 and 60 people – all women bar myself. The Musselburgh performance had a much smaller audience of 15, but was followed by a lively discussion and some good contacts were made.

Here is the feedback provided after the performances of the Acceptance play in Tranent Town Hall on Thursday 14th May and in the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh on Wednesday 20th May


For more information on Lisa Nichol folow this link

acceptance poster