Nature Play and Nurture CPD for Early Years

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Nature Nurture Booking Form May 2015

This course is available to all Early Years Practitioners in East and Midlothian  

Aimed at Nursery and Early Years Staff, Nature Play and Nurture is a short course in using the outdoors as an environment for nurture, play and exploration. Three days (9am–3pm) of hands on training by two experienced forest school / kindergarten leaders and a ½ days observation of a Nature Play and Nurture programme.


Information Digest April 2014 – March 2015

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As a new year starts an opportunity to look back and see copies of SftS Information Digest



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Steps to inclusion, Supporting Pupils with Autism Spectrum Conditions

Supporting pupils with autism

We are pleased to announce new dates for our 2 part Autism Workshop in Edinburgh :- Part 1 – Friday 24th April 2015 1:15pm – 4:15pm

Part 2 – Wednesday 6th May 2015 4pm – 6pm More details are on the attached flyer. If you would like to book you can do so at

Support from the Start Bursary Information

Bursary formA child’s early years experiences are crucial to a child’s development and one of our aim is to address inequalities that exist locally by giving children positive experiences so they develop a sense of belonging, become effective contributors and successful learners, along with their families contributing to their local community and feeling included.

Support from the Start  are committed to supporting young children’s participation in local classes, regardless of family economic factors. So Support from the Start  in partnership with Carefree Kids, has set up a bursary scheme for families of children age 0 to 8 years old.

Below is a background letter for

Fa’side Carefree Kids & Support from the Start Bursary Scheme

Musselburgh Carefree Kids & Support from the Start Bursary Scheme

Prestonpans Carefree Kids & Support from the Start Bursary Scheme

Haddington Carefree Kids & Support from the Start Bursary Scheme

Dunbar Carefree Kids & Support from the Start Bursary Scheme

North Berwick Carefree Kids & Support from the Start Bursary Scheme



also Support from the Start Carefree kids Children’s Bursary Referral form Fa’side, Musselburgh, Prestonpans, Haddington, Dunbar and North Berwick