What matters to me ?

The support form the Start family workers use an approach developed by the NHS called ‘What matter to me’ to build engagement and partnership with the families that are referred to them by local services. approach https://www.whatmatterstoyou.scot/why-is-it-important-to-ask-what-matters/

The family workers have asked parent what mattered to them in their contact with the service – the following are their responses

Bookbug Week 18–24 May 2015 Bookbug’s Big Bedtime Story

book bug scottish book trust

Bookbug Week 2015 is to take place on 18-24 May, based on the theme of Bookbug Big Bedtime Story.  The Bookbug scheme provides free books to every baby and young child in Scotland.  A range of free special events will be taking place across Scotland to mark the week.




Latest research on Bookbug in the Home – Assertive outreach programme Year 2 Evaluation – Final Report

book bug scottish book trust

The Year 2 Evaluation found convincing evidence to show that the Assertive Outreach Programme – Bookbug for the Home – inspires and equips early years professionals in Scotland to support parents in vulnerable families to interact more with their children and to develop a relationship with books.

Bookbug for the Home