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East Lothian Council and the Haddington & Lammermuir Area Partnership are working together to improve the choices people have about how they travel – and we need to hear from you…

East Lothian on the Move logo

East Lothian Council and the Haddington & Lammermuir Area Partnership are working together to improve the choices people have about how they travel – and we need to hear from you…

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New Statistical profile on Children and Young People

East Lothian by Numbers: Children and Young People

East Lothian by Numbers: Children and Young People provides a statistical overview of the younger population in East Lothian. It provides an analysis of a range of issues that affect the quality of life of children and young adults living in East Lothian.

This document was created using information existing in the East Lothian and Ward ‘by Numbers’ statistical profiles to help the Children’s Strategic Partnership understand and analyse the story of young people in East Lothian.

It is structured under eight health and wellbeing indicators and an introductory demographics section. Each indicator – safe, healthy, active, nurtured, achieving, respected, responsible, included – has been populated with a range of information designed to measure and explain health and wellbeing in East Lothian.

Children and Young People in East Lothian, A Statistical Profile (June 2015)


GUS was launched in 2005. We have been following the children in our older cohort (Birth Cohort 1) for 10 years. The children in our younger children are approaching their fifth birthdays. Almost 50,000 interviews have taken place in our participants’ homes. Thanks again to all of our families who have given up their time to help us carry out the research. 28 research reports have been published. Findings from these reports are being used by the Scottish Government and others to help make Scotland ‘the best place to grow up’.
GUS Newsletter June 2015



Latest research on Bookbug in the Home – Assertive outreach programme Year 2 Evaluation – Final Report

book bug scottish book trust

The Year 2 Evaluation found convincing evidence to show that the Assertive Outreach Programme – Bookbug for the Home – inspires and equips early years professionals in Scotland to support parents in vulnerable families to interact more with their children and to develop a relationship with books.

Bookbug for the Home

Read on get on report from Save the Children

Read on get on report

A report has also been published which sets out the four main action points of the campaign which include prioritising the development of communication skills in the early years of a child’s life, and supporting families to help their children’s reading.


100 years of Scotland’s early years movement.

Suzane Zeedyk an acclaimed researcher in the psychology of early years is coming to Musselburgh to give a presentation on ‘100 years of Scotland’s early years movement’. Suzane will explore the history of early years campaigning in Scotland and what relevance that has for a modern movement for early years.

Public services like local authorities, NHS, Housing agencies and the Police service are all signed up to making Scotland the best possible place to grow up. Yet to achieve the kind of improvements needed to meet this aim needs the active involvement of parents and communities. There is a long record of such involvement – many people have campaigned for Scotland’s children over the years and some have made a real and lasting difference. Suzanne will look at the social history of early years and then reflect on how a modern understanding of children’s early development might influence the future development of Scotlands early years movement.

Following the presentation there will be a chance to discuss what is happening in east Lothian to improve support for parents and the environment for children’s early development.


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Not too be missed a truly inspirational speaker – a creche will be available.

Making it Clear – a research project about resilience

This project conducted in partnership with Queen Margaret Universities ‘Firefly’ research team aims to understand how parents and carers who attend groups (funded or supported by Support from the Start) in East Lothian bounce back after difficult times in their lives.

The ability to bounce back is called resilience

The Making It Clear tool has been developed by Queen Margaret University as a self-rating scale designed to screen resilience at an individual and community level. The present  project intends to psychometrically test the Making It Clear resilience tool for reliability and validity for use with parents of children in their early years. This will assist in identifying assets and gaps in current provision to help inform future planning.

More information  Making it Clear

Parent information Info Sheet v2